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Group Tree

Often times in production, users needs to do an operation multiple times. The Group Stack is a good solution to this, however sometimes that operation needs to be done tens, if not hundreds of times. This creates an organizational challenge for users as the more nodes they add to the Group Stack, the harder it becomes to find the node that they’re looking for.

To mitigate this problem, users can create multiple Group Stacks, Or they can start to embed Group Stacks inside of Group Stacks. Issues start to arise with the latter, as the Katana UI will quickly run out of real estate as users start to embed Group Stacks in side of Group Stacks.

The Group Tree is designed to mitigate this problem by allowing users to start to add groups inside of Group Stacks.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal project and does not reflect the work of my current employer (Foundry)

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