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CG Widgets

CG Widgets is a collection of DCC agnostic widgets designed for the CG Industry.  These widgets are written for VFX Reference Platform 2021 and are written in qtpy to ensure that they can be used across all DCCs using both PyQt5 and PySide2.

CG Widgets use a foundation of base widgets that are designed to mimic specific data types, such as float, integer, boolean, string, etc, and are used to build more complex widgets.


Shoji Architecture

The Shoji Architecture is designed to allow developers to fit complex user interfaces into a compact space without sacrificing the useability, or readability of the interface.


Script Manager Architecture

The Script Manager Architecture is designed with two main purposes in mind, the first is as the name implies, to manage scripts.  The second is to act as a bridge between the people creating tools and those using them. It does this by creating an intuitive interface for developers to use to place their tools in for users to access.


Popup Architecture

Popup Bar Widgets implements a technology that predates the modern computer. Popup Bar Widgets are designed to bring Picture in Picture displays to user interfaces allowings users the ability to decide how windows interactive with each other, effectively reducing the amount of screen real estate needed by the average user.


Ladder Delegate

The Ladder Delegate is designed to act as a popup widget on top of base numerical widgets. It is designed to allow the user to easily manipulate numerical values by moving their mouse back/forth.


Model View Architecture

The Model View Architecture is designed to be an abstraction layer on top of Qt's model view delegate architecture.  Its main purpose is to provide a simpler interface for viewing models, handling events, filtering models, etc.  A basic example of the Model View Widget (MVW) can be seen below, where we can see it has two modes, tree, and list.


Base Widget Containers

The base widget containers are a collection of containers that hold multiple different widgets inside of them.


Base Input Widgets

The base input widgets are the foundation that everything inside of CG Widgets is built around. These widgets are the entry point where users can input data to be received by the application.

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