Katana Bebop

Katana Bebop is a collection of tools forged from the pains of production.  These tools are designed with one goal in mind, to increase the user experience in Katana.  The range of users inside of Katana is quite large, as it spans from artists to engineers.  Katana Bebop was designed for all disciplines, including tools to help bridge the gap between artists and engineers to help streamline the production process.


Node Graph UX

Node Graph UX aims to increase the overall quality of life of the users when navigating the node graph.

Script Manager

The Script Manager at its core is designed to act as a bridge between developers and artist. Allowing developers to not have to worry about user interfaces, and get back to what they do best.

Popup Tabs

Popup tabs allows users to define their own interface by combining multiple tabs together. This allows users to define how they access and interact with information inside of Katana.

Simple Tools

Simple Tools is designed to provide greater accessibility to Katana’s advanced node creation plugin called Super Tools. It is essentially a Super Tool designed for creating Super Tools.

Node Graph Pins

Node Graph Pins allows users to store a reference to any node or parameter in a tab. These references provide easy access points for nodes/parameters so that users don’t have to dig around in their templates looking for their nodes.

Node Colors

The Node Colors module allows users to easily color their nodes, define default color presets for different node types, and update existing node colors.

Group Tree

The Group Tree is an evolution of the Group Stack which will allow users to start to add containers to their Group Stacks.

GSV Manager

The current user interface for GSV’s in Katana looks like an engineer closed their eyes, slapped it into the interface, and called it a day. The GSV Manager is designed to be a convenience function to help users manage their GSVs.