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Node Graph UX

Over the passed 20 years, Katana’s node graph has for the most part not evolved. At the time of it’s inception, it may have been state of the art. However, 20 some odd years later, it can feel clunky in comparison to many of its competitors. Many users face difficulty when attempting to connect nodes together, disconnect nodes, organize networks, setup hotkeys, etc.

In order to improve the quality of life of Katana’s users, I have started to added a small collection of new features to the node graph. These new features are designed to allow the user to keep their left hand on the keyboard, and their right hand on the pen while utilizing strategies such as:
- Rebinding hotkeys
- Swipe gestures
- Popup menus
To allow users to easily
- Connect / Disconnect nodes
- Connect multiple ports
- Organizer node networks

Disclaimer: This is my own personal project and does not reflect the work of my current employer (Foundry)

Copyright © 2022 Brian Fukushima. All rights reserved.

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