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Simple Tools

As workflows become more complex, users need to create ever increasingly complex templates. This has caused many users to start to the hit limitations of what they can do with Katana’s default handlers. Many of these users have some Python experience, but for various reasons do not have the ability to create Super Tools, such as lacking the ability to register the plugin.

Simple Tools mitigates this high cost of entry and allows users to simply start writing Python inside of the UI to connect their tools together. It does this by adding a node with a GUI that is designed to connect users to Katana’s callback and events mechanism.

However, many times, after a more advanced user has created this node, it is designed for use by another more junior user. Simple Tools allows you to simply hide away the creation portion of the UI, and leave behind only the parameters that a user needs to use in order to use the tool.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal project and does not reflect the work of my current employer (Foundry)

Copyright © 2022 Brian Fukushima. All rights reserved.

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