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Ladder Delegate

The Ladder Delegate is designed to create a more intuitive way for users to adjust numerical values.  It is designed to act as an add-on to an already existing widget so that when a user clicks on the widget, a range of numerical values is displayed to the user.  The user can then use gestures to adjust their current value by the value selected.  Below we can see the first step, the Ladder Delegate being displayed when the user clicks into the value widget.


After the widget is displayed, the user has two options for adjusting values.  The first is to simply mimic the original behavior by allowing a numerical value to be input.  The second option is where it gets more interesting as it will adjust the value based on a gestural event by the user.


In order to start the event, the user simply needs to click and release the value that they wish to update their original value by.  When the event starts, the cursor and popup will disappear, and as the user moves their mouse the original value will be updated in increments of the value they selected.  In order to end the event, the user simply needs to click a second time, and the popup and cursor will be displayed to them at their original locations.

We can see this process in action below as a float input widget is adjusted.


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